Saturday, July 12, 2014

Culture Collapse Continuing

‘Truth for Truckers’ *July 12, 2014* Psalm 12+ ‘Culture Collapse Continuing’

     David’s plea in (v.1) underlines the Condition of the Country: “Help, LORD; for the Godly man ceases; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.” Where are the Godly men? Why are the faithful failing to be a force for good? The next verse tells the story: “They speak vanity every one with his neighbor: with flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak.” (v.2). Three things characterize the failures of the once Godly men who are overtaken in their pride:
  1. They are speaking vanity or empty, worthless talk with their neighbors
  2. They flatter with their speech intending to win them over to their vain ways
  3. Their heart is double when they speak, saying one thing and meaning another 
     God’s response is sure: “The LORD shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaks proud things: Who have said, With our tongue will we prevail; our lips are our own: who is lord over us? For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, says the LORD; I will set him in safety from him that puffs at him.”

      Their continuing failure is described because instead of doing right, in pride they proclaim that they will prevail, their lips are their own, and they deny the fact that they answer to the LORD. So, the LORD rescues those who need Him and gives them a promise of His unfailing Words which are pure “As silver tried in a furnace of earth…Thou shall keep them O LORD and preserve them from this generation forever.” David, then, concludes with a statement underlining a fact in the Continuing Culture Collapse: “The wicked walk on every side when the vilest men are exalted.” (v.8)

     This is a Clear Commentary on the days in which we are living! The vilest men are being exalted and the wicked are walking on every side. 1. The Hollywood/TV crowd is displaying wicked and perverted so-called entertainment which is covered over with nudity and blasphemy. 2. The wretched music industry is spewing out filth into the minds of the young and old alike.3. And, those in places of power are agreeing with and supporting the abominable sin of Sodomy across our land. Did not the Lord say: “As it was in the days of Lot/Noah…so shall it be in the days when the Son of man is revealed” (Luke 17:26-30)?

     These three descriptions are but a few points underlining the overflowing wickedness that has consumed the USA because: 1. the Godly man has ceased to speak out and be a witness for Christ, 2. the faithful are definitely failing 3. and most Churches are dead! The devil is successfully attacking the family, the Church and the government! The foundations are being destroyed as we speak, Drivers. There is a War on Women in the home, so get your house in order and pray now for nationwide Revival!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Too Many Queens


                                                                  Too Many Queens

I. The Queen’s Matriarchal Defilement of Old Testament Worship [Villain or Victim]

A.    Queen Maachah Idolatrous Influence- 915 BC
1.      Usurped Authority/Husband Rehoboam 1st King & Son Abijah 2nd
(I Kings 14,15, II Chron. 11-16)
2.      Deposed by Grandson Asa 3rd King of Judah (I Kings 15:13)
3.      Destruction of Her Idols by Asa (I Kings 15:13)

B.     Queen Jezebel’s Idolatrous Reign [875 BC-854 BC/Authoritative Ruler of Israel]
1.      Daughter of Ethbaal King of Phoenicia/Married King Ahab
7th King of Israel (I Kings 16:30)
2.      Murdered the Prophets of God (I Kings 18:4,13) S/A In the Garden (Gen 3)
3.      Usurped Authority/Ruled over Ahab (I Kings 19:1ff)
[Weak Man: Satans 1st Element of Necessity]
4.      Murderous Plot Naboth (I Kings 21) [Willing Woman:
Satan’s 2nd  Element of Necessity]
5.      Satanic Source of Power (II Kings 9:22) [Wiles of the Devil:
Satan’s 3rd Element of Necessity]
6.      Death/Destruction by Jehu (II Kings 9)‘Thrown from window,
trampled by horses, ate by dogs’

C.     Queen Athaliah’s Idolatrous Massacre Messiah’s Seed
[ 850-835 BC-8 Yrs/PrimaryRuler of Judah-6 Yrs]
1.      Daughter of Ahab & Jezebel (II Kings 8:26)
[Increase Intensity of Satan’s Assault-2nd Generation]
2.      Usurped the authority of  King Jehoram (I Kings 8)
3.      Satanic, Merciless, Massacre of Her Own Grandchildren/
Seed Royal/Seed Woman (I Chron 22:10)
4.      Broke up the House of God to Build Temple Baal (I Chron 24:7)
5.      Slain with Sword beside King’s House (I Chron 23:21)
‘Died in a Barnyard under the Battleaxes of and Aroused People                                                                                                                       
   D. The Queen of Heaven [False Worship of Assyrian Moon god Ishtar/Easter]
               1.   Worshipping Queen of Heaven Engrained into The Whole Family  
                     (Jeremiah 7:14)
2.      Worshipping Queen of Heaven Engrained The Whole Authority Structure
(Jeremiah 44:15-25)

II. The Queens of Persia [Patriarchal] Vashti & Esther
A.    The Story of Vashti’s Rebellion (Esther 1)
[Illustration of E.R.A./Women’s Liberation/Started Genesis 3]
B.     The Story of Esther’s Submission (Esther 2:15-20)
[Illustration of God’s Wisdom in Submission]

III. The Queens Matriarchal Defilement of  New Testament Worship    
      Gospels: Queen of the South/Sheba
A.    The Queen of Ethiopia (Acts 8:27)
1.      Authority of Queen [Matriarchal vs. Patriarchal Ruler] Illustr:
20th/21st Century Applic’n
2.      Ancient Curse Realized (Genesis 9)  
B.     The Queen of The Church in Thyatira (Revelation 2:20-23)
[Queen Jezebel: Spirit of the End Times]
1.      Self-Appointed Prophetess (v.20a)  [Authority Usurped]
2.      Teaching Commit Fornication (v.20b) [Physical Defilement]
3.      Seducing Servants Eat Things Offered to Idols (v.20c)
[Spiritual Defilement]
4.      Repentance Offered  and Refused (v.21) [Rebellious Response]
5.      Extensive and Severe Judgment (v.22,23) [Retribution Reward]
C.     The Queen of Babylon (Revelation 18:4-7) [MYSTERY,BABYLON THE
EARTH-Revelation 17:5]
1.      The Great Whore (Rev 17:1; Nahum 3:4; II Timothy 3:1-6, 4:3; Rev 19:2)
2.      The Woman Drunken w/Blood/Saints/w/Blood/Martyrs of Jesus/
Blood/Prophets(Rev 17:6,18:4)
3.      The Woman is that Great City Babylon Rules over the Kings of the Earth
(Rev 17:18, 16:19,12:4)
4.      The Home/Habitation of Devils (Rev 18:2; Isaiah 34:14; Jeremiah 50:39)
5.      The Great Fornicator (Rev 18:3,9) [ALL Nations have drunk
of the wine/wrath of her fornication]
6.      The Queen not Widow (Rev 18:7; Isaiah 47:7,8; Zephaniah 2:15)
[Rebellions Spirit]
7.      The Great Merchandiser (Rev 18:11-19; Ezekiel 27:27) [Seller of Souls]
8.      The Great Sorcerer/Witch (Rev 18:23; I Kings 9:22; Nahum 3:4) Applic’n:
Pressure vs. Principle

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bathsheeba's Burden Part II

Truth for Truckers *January 2, 2014* Proverb 1 & Proverb 31“Bathsheeba’s Burden” PartII

     Continuing the teaching on the subject of “Bathsheeba’s Burden” from yesterday’s message, the Lord makes it perfectly clear exactly who should be leading in the husband/wife relationship as we learned in previous messages taken from both the Old and New Testament Scriptures. But, as OTR Drivers who spend much time away from home, it will be necessary to make plans to eliminate the obstacles that keep the husband from leading his wife and family.

     One of the possibilities is to pray for the Lord to give the Driver/husband a day job or a regional job so that he can adequately lead his wife/family. But, in the meantime, the wife must stay under the authority of her husband and do what is necessary in order to make Godly decisions to keep the home running properly for she is called to rule/manage the home, obeying her own husband, as clearly commanded in the pastoral epistles. Notice, also, the consequences for those who do not obey

“I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully, For some are already turned aside unto Satan. 
(I Timothy 5:14)

“That they [the older women] may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the Word  of God be not blasphemed.” (Titus 2:4, 5)

     But, in many homes these commands from the Lord are being ignored and the wife/mother has taken the role of the husband/father. Some wives are forced into this position, some take the position and enjoy the authority of leader, others unknowingly are doing the same but in essence in all three “The spiritual strength/discernment of the husband/father” is forfeited/given away, and the home/family is not under God-ordained leadership. Financial. Marital, and all types of Family problems will be the result when the man gives away his strength/authority and position in the home to his wife.

     When I was studying for the ministry a fellow employee who was a Christian told me this story about his parents. His mother was saved later in life when she was a Grandmother. When she learned the truths concerning leadership in the husband/wife relationship discussed above she decided to make changes in how things were done in her home.

     Until that point in their marriage, she was the one who made the decisions concerning all things; Financial plans, Marital issues and Family decisions. She planned the budget alone, she planned vacations, she planned when, where and how all things were done and her husband who was not saved was in the FDH syndrome. Fat, Dumb and Happy!! He loved every minute of it because she was doing all the things he was supposed to do as he just cruised through life.

     But, when she told him that she was born-again and wanted to start a new life according to the Bible he was astounded. Now, he would have to take his position as leader and do the things he was supposed to be doing all along. Needless to say things were stirred up in that home/relationship for quite some time. But, eventually, he too was saved and the Lord received the glory, for she did not preach to him or lord this new truth over him, but simply lived the life and without the Word her husband was saved exactly as the Scripture teaches in I Peter 3:1-7! The Lord is good, praise His Name!!

     When I taught these same truths to a believing wife/Driver she was surprised! She had not heard any teaching on this subject and was laboring over a husband that was lost in the Jehovah’s Witness Cult and he was her driving partner! But, she now has hope that the Lord will work in the heart of her husband as she lives the life of a loving obedient wife!

     So, at the beginning of this New Year let us start with a new resolve to get our families under the blessing of God as we make decisions to put things in order and do exactly what it takes to have Biblical relationships with our mates and our families, for as we live in the time when the Lord’s coming is drawing near, the necessity for Godly families is high! He is looking for a Godly seed to call out to serve Him as we speak!

     This is the second day of a New Year and our emphasis has been on the family and not completely focused upon the Proverb for the day. So, in brief, we want to emphasize the importance of these first two Proverbs and encourage each Driver to read the Proverb for the day and check out our continuing messages on these important daily nuggets of wisdom.

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Bathsheeba's Burden Part I

Truth for Truckers *January 1, 2014* Proverb 1&Proverb 31-“Bathsheeba’s Burden”-Part I

      The opening verses of Proverb 31 address “Lemuel” which is a name given to Solomon by his mother Bathsheeba. Our first message from Proverb 31 began with the virtuous mother/woman at (v.10) as we skipped over the introduction to this Proverb which Bathsheeba wrote. That has been the opinion of Bible scholars through the 30 centuries since it was written. Today, the first of a New Year, we are going to combine motherly instruction/Truth from the first and last Proverb. The introduction of Proverb 31 is definitely from a mother who was concerned for her son and his future role as King of Israel. Her focus centers on three things: 1. Dealing with women  2. Dealing with strong drink   3. Dealing with those in need. This is but a portion of “The Law of thy mother” which is recorded first in Proverb 1:8 and 6:20.

     Bathsheeba addressing “The son of her womb” uses an endearing name “Lemuel” which means “Devoted to God” and parallels the name “Jedidiah” (II Samuel 12:25) given to him by the LORD . So, in essence, Bathsheeba’s special name for her gifted son agrees with God’s name for Solomon, Jedidiah which means “Beloved of the Lord”. David named him Solomon which means “Peacable” which rightly connects him to the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ who is called “Shiloh” in Genesis 49:10 meaning “The Peaceful One” who as the Prince of Peace will bring the everlasting peace so desired by men today when He crushes the Satanic opposition and restores the heaven and earth during the end-times.

     This Messianic verse in Genesis 49 refers to Him as the One who will gather the people when He comes the second time to eventually rule and reign upon the throne of David His father (Luke 1:32) for a period of one thousand years (Revelation 20:4-6) which is also called “The Millennium” by those who study end-times prophecy. Everywhere you look in Scripture you will find our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ not far from the surface, and Solomon’s reign rightly parallels the Lord’s as seen in Psalm 45 and 72 and even here, Bathsheeba’s Burden for her beloved son Lemuel shines light upon Jesus! Her desires as Solomon’s mother is bathed in her motherly instincts as she desires “The son of her womb” would become all he could be for the glory of His LORD Jehovah. 

     Therefore, Bathsheeba, as part of “The Law of thy mother” at the end of the book of Proverbs gave a brief but pointed conclusion to Lemuel in order to underline the three areas of his ongoing rule, for Solomon who was then the King of Israel was no longer under the tutelage of His father David for David died right after Solomon was installed upon the throne. So, Bathsheeba in summary form gives the King some necessary insight and instruction so that he might continue to be successful in his rule. He is also known as the wisest man known to exist at that time, but, his mother has special truth to give to her son for a mother’s love for her child is unparalleled except for the love that the LORD Himself imparts. After the introductory (v.1) Bathsheeba focuses upon the number one pitfall of any man, but, especially a man whom God has exalted by putting him in a position of great importance. Right off she utilized Hebrew parallelism underlining the importance of her charge to Solomon: “Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroys kings.”

     If history could be replayed and Solomon was given a second opportunity to go back and live his life over, it is sure that he would have made major changes with regard to this admonition his mother gave him. Although Solomon’s reign is recognized as successful, he did not raise a Godly seed to take over the throne. This could well have been due to Rehoboam, his son’s view of Solomon’s instruction vs. Solomon’s obedience for he said one thing and did another in the area of giving his strength to women. Solomon had over a thousand women total when concubines and wives are totaled!

     Rehoboam, his son who was the next King of Israel did not follow Solomon’s wisdom as written in the Proverbs because Israel was divided under his disastrous rule. Bathsheeba told Solomon that giving his strength unto women would be an avenue of destruction for him or any other man who succumbs to allowing their woman to take their strength. 

     Drivers, the application for today’s men who are to lead their home, but give this leadership to their wives is a parallel truth, for God designed the home/family to be led by the husband. When this leadership is given up being transferred to the wife, certain destruction awaits, for the Lord did not design the wife to be the responsible one to lead the home. This just happens to be the biggest issue facing families today, and Drivers many times are in trouble with this key family need. More to come in tomorrow’s “Truth for Truckers” on this important subject, for the Lord has the victory in hand!  

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